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Since we split our time between Boston and Mashpee, we have 2 different vets for our beloved 11yo pooch. She has a small lump that needs to be biopsied.The Boston vet was recommending a full anesthesia; large-cut surgery. Leach Animal Hospital aspirated the lump and spent a lot of time with us, discussing the options. We decided upon a less radical approach as a first step. The Dr. and staff were extremely professional and caring. Our dog also had a severe ear infection and they took the time to clean her ears and administer her first dose of meds at the appointment. I highly recommend this practice! Not just for their medical expertise, but also their thorough, caring, comforting “bedside manner”. The Dr. and staff are AMAZING!!
Bailey Ann S. (May 2022)

Please let Dr. K and everyone else that took care of her know how very grateful we are! When I left there on Monday I was feeling very blessed that we have discovered Leach Animal Hospital to care for our babies. It was very difficult moving away from our past longtime vet and you all have made us feel like we are part of your family

Rylee M. (April 2022)

I just wanted to leave this note regarding my dog Bailey’s CCL surgery back on 12/2/2020. Bailey is doing fantastic after 16 months. I want to thank Dr. Leach and his staff for the amazing work that they did. Today I was watching Bailey running at full speed through the woods trail near my home. I was thinking how lucky we were to have found Dr. Leach and his tightrope technique. Things may have been quite different had we not. We are in Gloucester, Ma and had to travel to Mashpee several times for her evaluation, surgery and follow ups but it was well worth it seeing how well she is doing. Please thank Dr. Leach for me, for his amazing surgical skill and compassionate care.
Bailey S. (April 2022)

We had our first visit with Dr Gilman yesterday. She is very knowledgeable and caring. The staff is also very helpful. So happy we found them. I would highly recommend.
Kelly C. (December 2021)

Loved Dr. Leach. My ancient pug is deaf and mostly blind. Dr. Leach was kind, patient, thorough, and explained everything. Moved here after 35+ years with the same vet. Very relieved to find someone we can trust!

Harriet C. (2021)

They are always optimistic, but honest about how your animal is doing. Their vet tech staff are all loving and accommodating to your animals and seem to adapt to the needs of the animal (they treat nervous dogs like they were their own). Overall there’s nowhere else within 100 miles I’d rather bring my pets. These guys rock.
Tom N. (2021)

Dr Leach is the top number one veterinarian on Cape Cod! His staff is also the number one staff on Cape Cod! As a breeder I recommend all of my buyers who are on Cape to go to Leach animal hospital. I have been going to Leach animal hospital for over 20 years, my grandparents went to his grandfather’s practice who was a veterinarian on Cape Cod. Dr Leach is extremely thorough as well as his staff right down from the front desk on down are more knowledgeable than most vets I’ve been to, otherwise I probably would not bring (as a breeder) my pups and my dogs to him. I highly recommend leach animal hospital.

Peter S. (2021)

I knew Dr Leach before he was Dr Leach.I brought my animals to his father’s veterinarian practice in the 70’s .Dr Jon Leach is a really great caring veterinarian. He’s the best veterinarian and his staff and associates are amazing. I won’t bring an animal any other vet.1.5 hour drive from my house. Worth it….❤️
Jon C. (2021)

Leach Animal Hospital is hands down the best around. Their staff is amazing, the office is beautiful & clean and they treat my pets like their own. I highly recommend them! We’ve brought our pets here over the last 6+ years and will continue to.
Niki M. (2020)

We just switched to Leach Animal Hospital for the care of our two Maine Coon Cats. The people at Leach are very professional and truly caring. They helped us “rehab” our older pet, who was suffering from high blood pressure, that had not been diagnosed by our previous provider. Thank you, Dr. Leach and Staff! Our beloved pet is back to his old self! Meow
Paul K. (2020)

I hesitate to give them 5 stars only because I don’t want them to get so busy that we have a hard time getting an appointment! That said, this is hands down the best vet I’ve ever been to. They are knowledgeable, professional, and kind.I don’t know what else I could ask for. They take excellent care of our dog, who has birth defect issues. And they are very reasonable, wallet-wise.

Melissa R. (2020)

I am so impressed with this vet. The staff are amazing. I had my dog, Snoopy, neutered, and the amount of love he received, was priceless. They took turns holding him, after his surgery, as he’s still learning to love his crate. When I picked him up, they all showed me photos of their time together. They genuinely cared! I’m so grateful.
Cheryl D. (2020)

My dog, Harry, loves visiting Leach Animal Hospital. They are very caring, helpful, and prompt. Also nice big waiting areas so you and your pet can be separate from other pets if desired. We love Leach Animal Hospital!

Donna D. (2020)

Very pleased with Leach! We were previously using another vet in the area that I was not satisfied with the care or cleanliness of the facility. Leach Animal Hospital has very friendly staff, easy convenient ways to schedule an appointment online or via phone, their office is both large and clean and their techs/doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. One thing I love the most is that they perform everything involving your dog’s care in front of you! Thank you for being such a fantastic vet.
Kimberly M. (2020)