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We look forward to seeing you soon! Get to know the amazing team at Leach Animal Hospital and why we love what we do so much.

Meet the Team at

Leach Animal Hospital

At Leach Animal Hospital, you will find a compassionate and dedicated team of professional staff who will pay attention to the unique concerns of each pet owner. They offer quality medical care to your companions in a friendly, state-of-the-art atmosphere.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jonathan Leach, VMD

Dr. Leach’s practice has a commitment to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your companion. He has built a team of skilled veterinarians who offer a diverse set of services and special interests so that we can help your pet live the longest, healthiest life possible. Dr. Leach’s family holds a legacy of keeping animal companions healthy since 1933 when his father began his practice as the first veterinarian on Cape Cod. While observing his father throughout childhood, Dr. Leach nurtured a natural talent and his love for vet medicine. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University for his undergraduate degree. Then he studied reproductive physiology at the University of Massachusetts before attending the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his VMD. Since then he has gained both clinical expertise in a hospital setting and field experience at racetracks, even serving as a veterinarian for a Kentucky Derby horse in 1984. He loves treating all conditions, but his special interests include cruciate surgery, chronic ear conditions, and lameness in geriatric patients. Dr. Leach has practiced both equine and small animal medicine for three decades and is very proud to offer quality care from a family practice on Cape Cod. He now lives in Marstons Mills with his family and pets, all of whom have a unique role in helping to develop and operate Leach Animal Hospital.

Dr. Brianna Gilman, DVM

Dr. Brianna Gilman earned her degree in animal science from the University of Rhode Island in 2011 and then her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in 2015. Dr. Gilman’s clinical interests include soft tissue surgery, oral surgery and dentistry, internal medicine, and ultrasound. Dr. Gilman is an accomplished and lifelong equestrian. She shares her home with her husband Tyler, her horse Morning Glory, and two amazing rescued pit bulls named Pearl and Peggy.

Dr. Kimberley Khodakhah, VMD

Dr. Khodakhah earned her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and completed her veterinary doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. At our office, Dr. Khodakhah is especially interested in preventative medicine to keep your pets healthy as well as managing older pet diseases. In addition to her routine veterinary duties, Dr. K, as we like to call her, has dedicated her life to offering her vet skills to underserved communities, both in the United States as well as internationally. She frequently makes trips to help in spay and neuter clinics and provide life-saving resources to animals in need all around the globe. Dr. K also serves as a mentor to others in the veterinary field, providing support, encouragement, and career advice to advance the field of medicine!

Dr. Briana Daley, DVM

Introducing Dr. Briana Daley, our newest vet here at Leach Animal Hospital! In the summer of 2013 Dr. Daley came to our hospital as a volunteer and student, eager to assist our practice and expand her skills and academic knowledge in the hopes of becoming a candidate for veterinary school. Over the years, she gained experience, doing what she loved most, and after hard work and incredible enthusiasm, she recently completed her degree in veterinary medicine in Ireland, all along being mentored by Dr. Leach and his award-winning staff. Dr. Daley resides in Sandwich with her partner Ross (also a veterinarian!) and her sweet cat McCartney.

We are grateful to include such compassion and talent to our team alongside Dr. Leach, Dr. Khodakhah, and Dr. Gilman. We invite you and your pets to meet Dr. Daley!

Our Staff


Alie McGraw

Surgical Veterinary Technician and Inventory Manager

Alie is a longtime dog lover, horse trainer, and equestrian. She has traveled the country throughout her life to manage barns, assist farm owners, and get horses into award-winning shape. Her reputation for a hardcore work ethic and success with animals luckily landed her with our practice when she decided to return to her roots on Cape Cod, and she enjoys helping all facets of our clinic run efficiently. She is especially talented at keeping our surgery running smoothly and safely. Alie and her partner Dan are kept in line by two enormous (but friendly!) dogs at home.

Andrea Woodside

Veterinary Technician

Andrea has worked as a vet technician at Leach Animal Hospital for as long as anyone can remember! She has lent a hand with everything from small animal care in our office to horse calls at the race track. She is a busy mom who runs between her three grown boys (all much taller than she is) and her husband at home, the barn where she enjoys riding her horse Gretchen, and walking her dogs on the beach. In addition to her longtime commitment to veterinary medical care, she is our resident rockstar and lead voice of the local band, The Half Shells, performing everywhere from Plymouth to outer Cape.

Bryna Hill

Veterinary Receptionist

Bryna has been a longtime client and friend of the Leach Animal Hospital doctors and staff, having worked for other doctors in our practice, and adopting many pets and caring for horses over the years. Dr. Leach began taking care of her first horse when she was twelve years old! After majoring in elementary education at UMASS Amherst, Bryna worked for two decades for families all over Cape Cod, and we are now finally lucky enough to have her join our staff as a veterinary receptionist. We love Bryna not only for her spectacular personality and drive but also for her intense passion for animals of all species. Always jumping to adopt a pet when the opportunity arises, she is well known as the top Pet Mom! She is also a very talented rider. Bryna lives in Marstons Mills with her husband and the goofy trio of smooshy-faced dogs, Ridley, Buddy, and Charlie.

Caitlin Benelli

Veterinary Student (Former Technician Supervisor)

Caitlin’s relationship with the Leach family began many years ago, but she officially began working at the vet hospital in 2010. A Cape Cod native, she has been involved in veterinary technician work all her working life and has been riding and working with horses for more than two decades. Prior to working full time at the vet hospital, Caitlin spent four years on Vieques, which is a Caribbean Island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. While she adventured there, she worked as an adoption coordinator and vet technician for Vieques Humane Society, and she ran horseback riding tours with an ecotourism company. She worked with us intermittently between island time until she returned to us full time in 2014 and worked with us for over eight years as a lead technician and ultimately technician supervisor. Caitlin recently moved to Grenada to attend vet school, and she plans to return to us each summer to work in our hospital while she studies to earn her veterinary doctorate!

Courtney Souza

Veterinary Technician

You may recognize Courtney (Welch) from a few years back when she worked as a technician for our hospital before she took a year-long, grand adventure and hiatus from our clinic out to Colorado. In the mountains, her heart was captured by man and dog, and she returned to us before long with both. Now happily married to her husband Jason right here on the Cape, and building a family (both human and pup!), we are excited to bear witness to Courtney’s hilarious sense of humor and gentle touch with our patients.


Hailey Evenson

Veterinary Receptionist

Hailey is new to the veterinary medicine world but is no stranger to animal companionship, as she has TEN pets including dogs, cats, and reptiles! A lifelong Cape Codder, Hailey really prides herself on excellent animal care and is loving learning about helping to run a busy vet hospital. Artistically inclined, Hailey spreads her talents in many creative ways and has brought a refreshing angle to our office team.

Jessie Eldridge

Technician Assistant

Jessie has been a longtime client of Dr. Leach with both her dogs and horses. As a rider and a dog lover, she always appreciated Dr. Leach’s “teacher” style, allowing her to help with assessments and enjoying the medicine behind the visits. After a few years of living out in Alaska, she and her two German short-haired pointers made their way back to Cape where she was born. She finally had her opportunity to fulfill her dream to work for our practice, and has begun learning the ins and outs of a busy vet clinic! An accomplished hiker in some of the most scenic spots, Jessie loves to spend her time outdoors and hike with her two best fur-iends Miley and Hobbs.

Kristen Jeffries

Veterinary Receptionist & Technician Assistant

Kristen holds the title of Team Member with Most Photos Taken with Puppies, ever! With a solid background in customer service, she joined our clinic to calm the chaos of a busy hospital’s front desk but soon also found value in the actual patient care itself. She helps with both on a daily basis and never misses a chance to tell every dog and cat that she loves them.

Kristin Boucher

Veterinary Technician

Kristin came aboard our practice in 2022 as a veterinary technician with nearly two decades of experience working with animals in both the medical and grooming fields. She has worked as a veterinary technician for fourteen years and has held positions as director of veterinary nursing at Banfield Pet Hospital. She is certified as a fear-free vet technician and hopes to help the rest of our staff trained as well. Fairly new to the Cape, Kristin is excited to be a part of our medical care team and we are excited to have her expertise add to the award-winning care that we provide. Kristin lives in East Falmouth with her family and enjoys the beachside lifestyle with her 3 cats and 2 dogs.

Lilly Williams

Veterinary Technician 

Lilly is a Cape Cod native with wide background knowledge of the local ecosystem. Her dream is to save the bees! While working toward her career start as a beekeeper, she came to us in 2021 to learn more about animal medicine and is already a valuable asset to our team. She loves spending rainy nights curled up by the fire with her two cats, Lucifer and Sir Squish.


Lindsay Hirt

Technician Supervisor

Lindsay has worked for Dr. Leach’s animal hospital as a veterinary technician since 2007 and transitioned into management in 2022. Currently technician supervisor, Lindsay helps to coordinate the daily operations of the clinic and ensure that each patient receives gold standard care. She also works as a marine biologist and science educator, splitting her time between three offices –the Atlantic Ocean, the veterinary hospital, and classrooms on the south shore of Massachusetts. Between these three spaces, she supports her passion for caring for companion animals and marine wildlife. She holds a B.A. in biology and a Master’s Degree in emergency management. She also is certified with a DESE teaching license in the state of Massachusetts and loves to teach clients how to best care for their pets! Lindsay holds a Fear Free certification and especially appreciates helping senior pets and those that are anxious and stressed during vet visits. Outside the animal world, Lindsay enjoys the salty Cape Cod beaches, all things wild, and helping to manage the veterinary practice staff, all of whom she considers to be family.

Lisa Denaro

Veterinary Technician

Lisa is what we like to call our OG staff. She has been a talented Leach Animal Hospital fixture since our office first opened in the early 2000’s. Having put the paint on the walls and establishing original protocols for our vet tech staff, she has developed a skill set that we just can’t live without! Lisa studied at Northeastern University and is a licensed vet tech, but with a deep interest in dentistry, she has gone on to also earn a dental hygienist certification for humans as well! She balances both human and animal medicine and you can find her frequently performing dental cleanings on our many canine and feline patients.

Lori Packard

Veterinary Technician

Lori joined our practice in 2021 to help with the COVID pet overflow. She has experience working in other veterinary clinical settings as well and especially enjoys working on ‘odd pets’ like reptiles. She has even rescued boa constrictors, which get along very well with her two young girls!

Michelle Evans

Practice Manager

Michelle comes to us with five years of experience providing technician and administrative help at other local veterinary hospitals. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is very good at offering excellent detailed record-keeping and medical notes. She also has a background in-home care and as a CNA at the famous Brigham and Women’s and Children’s Hospitals. After a few years working at Leach Animal Hospital as technician, then administrative assistant, associate practice manager, and finally as practice manager, Michelle is dedicated to tying the hospital together with a talented and compassionate team. Michelle loves day trips, crafting, and interior decorating, and she especially appreciates the tiniest patients, like her 3-pound senior pup, Lilly, and her new puppy, Topper!

Victoria Goddard

Veterinary Technician

Victoria grew up on Cape Cod and has always been a fan of all things cute and fluffy. She recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in animal science and currently is continuing to advance her education in science, pursuing her career in human medicine while also finding time to provide tech help to our hospital on the weekends. An award-winning Irish step-dancer, Victoria brings tenacity and a strong work ethic along with a healthy dose of compassion to our team!


Abbey Chetwynd

Veterinary Technician

Abbey has worked in veterinary medicine for about two years but maintains a lifelong commitment to all things animal. She earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science at the University of Rhode Island and has a great interest in surgery and emergency medical cases. She thinks well on her feet and enjoys dealing with the more stressful side of the clinical world. Abbey aspires to become a certified veterinary technician and is currently working toward her Fear Free certification. She lives in Sandwich with a German Shepherd and two cats.

Jillian Buck

Veterinary Technician

Jillian has many years of experience as a veterinary assistant and in shelter work. She has managed barns and worked directly with animal behavioral and rescue teams. Confident in working with exotic animals, she routinely gives care for rabbits, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, and more. On the side, she is an extremely talented crafter and we look forward to her artistic wares. Her handling skills are also exceptional, ranging care for animals from two pounds to two thousand! Jill is certified in equine sports massage and wants nothing more than to make a positive impact in animals’ lives.

Camila Simoes

Technician Assistant

Camila, most often known as Cam, begin working with us in 2023 as a veterinary assistant, after many years’ experience in animal handling and husbandry, as well as working in kennels and doggy daycares. She is currently working steadily towards an associates degree in applied sciences in veterinary technology at San Juan College. She loves to share stories and recipes from her Brazilian background, and is accepting of every species of animal, from crustaceans to cats! A welcome addition to our clinic, Cam has a gentle touch and quiet demeanor. She currently has two dogs at home, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu.

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Sophia Ciminiello

Veterinary Technician

Sophia is our most recent addition to our surgery team. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology at the University of Tennessee Martin, and she aspires to become certified soon after! She loves everything to do with surgery and dentals, where she concentrates her time. With a calm demeaner and thoughtful practice, Sophia believes in the power of kind and compassionate veterinary care and is proud to be fear-free certified. Sophia recently moved here with her husband Frank who is stationed on the Cape with the US Coast Guard. In their free time they love traveling and going on outdoor adventures with their two dogs Kiwi and Nessie. 

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Stephanie Moloney

Veterinary Receptionist

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